Screws Barrels End Caps Tips Assemblies

*Smart Heat 

 Melt Flow Products

Water temperature regulators up to 200 ° F, pressurized water up to 400 ° F and oil up to 662 ° F, Termo Chillers

Drying technology by a desiccant rotor, which reduces the drying time by 50% Low speed mill (30RPM). MGL2- Easy and fast opening, without requiring a tool

iD QuickShots® are single dose purge compounds designed to simplify the purge process while reducing the overall costs

Designer, Manufacturer, and Supplier
of world-class blending and convey equipment for the plastics industry.

Alum & SS Water Manifolds, Mech’l & Electronic Flow Meters 

“Dr Eddy”  Turbulent Flow Meter

Inside-Cavity measurement system for injection-molding,  cavity pressure monitoring system

Injection Moulding Machines 

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